Year 9/10 IT Thur 28th April

Here are some fun things to try!

  1. You have 5 minutes to find out about the recent Sony playstations scam. Let’s discuss the issues.
  2. Set the timer, and in 10 minutes you are to build a tower using?diagramly.
  3. Describe your tower in three words. Find the code and add it to your blog post.
  4. Write a post on your work experience or your holidays – where did you work, what were your duties, how would you rate your work experience and would you recommend it to others ?(You can choose to use a wordle but it must include at least 15 words)
  5. Find a jigsaw maker online tool. Choose a sports photo or other image from the public drive. Make it into a jigsaw and add to your blog as a post.
  6. collage maker

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